1929 Kit Home Offset White Collar Cuff A
1929 Shirt Offset A
1929 Shirt Home Offset
1929 Kit Home Offset White Collar Cuff
1929 Shirt Offset A
1927 Shirt Home Red V Red Centre
1927 Kit Home Red V Red Collar
1930 Shirt Home Red Centre White CC
1930 Kit Red Centre White CollarCuff

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Home Version 2

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Football League Division Three South
P42 W19 D10 L13 F68 A52 Pts 48 (5th)

A team photo from 1931-32 shows an offset red and white striped, open collared shirt with a white collar and white cuffs. The Norwich FA Cup game depicts the offset striped shirt with red cuffs and collar, and other action photos show a red centre striped shirt with red and white collar/cuffs




A black sock, white band and a surrounding red band

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