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1984 Shirt Home Early
1984 Shirt Home Late
1984 Kit Home Late
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1984 Kit Home FRT
1984 Kit Away
1984 Shirt Away
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1984 Kit Away Main.png
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Home Late Season

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Football League Division Three

P46 W16 D14 L16 F62 A64 Pts 62 (13th)

OSCA reverted to a style similar to the 1981-83 shirt, this time with black trim. KLM joined Brentford to sponsor the shirt and their logo went through a few changes over the season. In the team photo the lettering is large with a feint light background, and in later photos the background is no longer visible, with the lettering smaller. Photos from the end of season and the FRT final show a larger KLM logo.

The away shirt was a navy and light blue stripe with the fabric irregularly centred. The trim was white


Black with a white stripe at the side for home, white with a navy stripe for the away


Home - black with red top and a thin white band

Away - white with a navy and light blue band

Pre-Season Kit


Away Kit


Away Team Photo

Away Kit Team Photo

Home Kit Freight Rover Final

Home Freight Rover Trophy Final